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Double rooms in Halkidiki hotel Sousouras

For your holidays in Halkidiki, Sousouras hotel offers spacious, renovated double rooms in Halkidiki of 23 sq.m. that can accommodate up to 3 people. They feature a bathroom with a shower, a hair dryer, a controllable A/C, a mini fridge, satellite TV, music and a direct telephone line.

The ground floor double rooms, with their cool veranda face the well-tended garden, while the double rooms on the floors, have balconies with a beautiful view of the sea or the garden. And because we believe that a fine room must, above all, be clean, we offer daily maid service, we change your sheets every three days and the towels every two days.

The double rooms in Sousouras hotel will surely please you, offering a combination of pleasant as well as affordable accommodation.

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