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Halkidiki’s highlights and natural beauty are famous almost everywhere! Nature endowed this place with small ports and bays with clean sand. Our guest will find many of these bays in Cassandra and all over Halkidiki. But there is one bay that is famous for its wonderful, almost exotic, sandy beach. It is located in Glarokavos area, few kilometers south at Hanioti, after Pefkochori.

  1. Each village in Cassandra has its own style, beauty and charm.
  2. Afitos is worth visiting for its unique building architecture and the picturesque Kassandrino, where the visitor can taste something from the older Greece, away from the noisy crowd.
  3. You can visit the organized mineral springs at Agia Paraskevi Spa. Famous in the Northern Greece for the medical properties offered by the sulfur waters emanating from the bottoms of the earth
  4. The street market in Cassandra, every Tuesday, offers a Greek original taste and flavor, due mainly to its local agricultural products
  5. Nea Skioni, located at the southern part of the peninsula, is a picturesque village with a big port that offers fresh fish. In a close distance from Nea Skioni, one can find the chapel of Panagia Faneromeni. This chapel can leave the visitor speechless with its history and ancient décor. According to tradition, it is dated up to the years of Ottoman Greece, 200 years ago. Nowadays it is a preserved monument of the state of Greece and attracts many visitors, especially during summer.
  6. In Polychrono, located in Mavrompara, on the mountain and inside the forest, one can visit and enjoy the natural lake with terrapins.
  7. Possidi is worth visiting, with its impressive lighthouse at the cape, located in the western part of the peninsula, near Kalandra. This place is offered for swimming but mostly for dining by the sea, viewing Olympos, the mountain ofancient Gods, and the Alpine landscape of the region.
  8. The archaeological sites of Mendi, Neapolis and Olinthos offer few traces of our ancient civilization due to the absence of an Archaelogical Museum.
  9. One has the chance to explore and to get to know the inner land of our peninsula with an organized Jeep Safari.
  10. Finally diving and sea bottom exploration lessons are offered by experienced divers at Chanioti for the adventurous ones.
  11. One thing is sure, the memories and the experiences collected from all activities will accompany our guests for a long time.


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