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Summer holidays on the beach front hotel in Hanioti, Halkidiki

Hanioti is a small coastal town in the peninsula of Cassandra, in Halkidiki, approximately one hour from the city of Thessaloniki and the International Airport "Macedonia". It is a picturesque and vibrant destination, ideal for spending relaxing holidays on the beach front. Hanioti is very well organized and offers a variety of accommodation - with Sousouras beach hotel being one of the best - restaurants, cafes, bars, super markets, clinics, pharmacy and lots of shops.

A beach front resort must above all offer a beautiful beach and sea. In Hanioti you will swim in crystal clear waters, walk on the sand and lay under the warm sun. At the same time, the lively beach bars and the nearby water sports will get you even more into a summer mood.

On the main square of Hanioti, a few minutes walk from Sousouras beach hotel, you can wonder around, meet cheerful people, visit colorful tourist shops, traditional taverns and, why not, continue your evening stroll with a drink in one of the numerous bars that you will find in several spots all over town. For those of you who come with an appetite for exploration, renting a car or motorcycle, will lead you to many beauties in the surrounding area.

Halkidiki is ideal for holidays on the beach front and Hanioti with Sousouras hotel, is one of the most beautiful beach destinations, to enjoy an unforgettable Greek summer!


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